Thursday, September 22, 2011


I decided to write this in honor of Troy Davis who was executed after three different stays of execution. The case was flawed from the very beginning. As time passed and his defense team changed, it became clearer that many mistakes had been made by the police, the witnesses and his lawyers.

Troy Davis has been all over the news so here his story in big strokes: Troy’s friend, Redd Coles was arguing with a homeless man over a beer. Redd Coles pistol-whipped the homeless man. A security guard, by night and a police officer by day, Mark McPhail came over to break up the argument. Suddenly, he lay dead from two gunshots. The very next day, Redd Coles and a lawyer arrived at the police department in Savannah, Georgia and accused Troy Davis of murdering the off-duty cop. Here some words in poetry instead of prose.


Die a useless death for those who come after you
Die like a junky, justified with a needle in your arm
Justify his death through eyewitnesses
Witness his demise as if you’ve done no harm

Today the law stands accused
Of killing a man they say killed another
Today power has been abused
For refusing to investigate further

He’s not your man, his lawyer said,
Here, take a look at what we’ve found
Sorry, is what the judge replied,
This case is closed, review denied

How can you throw a man under the axe
When all we want to do is crack
This case and discover the real facts
Which could give him his life back?

He is a murderer, this is a fact
He’s had his day in court way back
Twenty years since then have past
He’s guilty as hell. And that’s that

Twenty years since then have past
And still I swear I’m innocent
Twenty years is time I’ve spent
Breathing sweat from the cement
In this jail, which is my home
I’ve checked out long ago
I’ll never leave but in a box
Even though this debt I don’t owe

I’ve killed no one, not then not now
I’ve done no wrong, of this I swear
Twenty years since then have past
I’ve killed no one, law doesn’t care

Let this man live, the whole world cried
Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter
Millions of people were on his side.
Save his life! Make no martyr!

The judge, the governor, the Supreme Court
Watched as the Board made up of five
Turned a blind eye on Troy’s case
Any more time spent was a waste

This is it, no more appeals
This is it, you’re going to die
They won’t make any more deals
Because the system's gone awry

It’s all good, it’s all okay
I’ve made my peace, I’ll feel no pain
I’ll close my eyes and drift away
But don’t you worry, we’ll meet again

Die a senseless death for those who’ve come and gone
Die like a junky, justified with a needle in your arm
Justify his death through eyewitnesses
Witness his demise as if you’ve done no wrong

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