Saturday, July 9, 2011


Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Like a tree in the forest, he’s fallen from very high. The case, the handling of it, and its players leave us with more questions than answers.

First, there’s the man. DSK was Professor of Economy at Science Po in Paris, the prestigious Political Science university, and sister school to Harvard. He became Minister of Economy when Lionel Jospin of the Socialist Party was president of France. Oddly enough for a socialist, during that time DSK privatized, among other things, France Télécom, the main telecommunications company.
He sought but lost the Socialist nomination for the presidency to an unwed mother of four, who believes in women’s rights, abortion, condom use, gay marriage, equal pay for women and plenty of other things that should be taken for granted (Ségolène Royal, you rock in that respect).
In 2007, the 27 European Union countries voted him managing directors of the International Monetary Fund. Not that there were any other candidates (Russia pushed for some Czech guy but he didn’t really have a chance).

With respect to the Guinean chambermaid, things aren’t as clear. My feeling is she’s done no more or no less than the average immigrant, to get that all mighty green card. Whatever it is she wrote on her application, it can’t be that bad. I know many people who ‘marry’ for the green card. Every time they go with their ‘spouse’ for an interview, they’re lying. If she claimed refugee status but really wasn’t, well it seems to have worked, that’s what counts. I neither advocate nor disavow the practice of lying on any application, but to point the finger at her when it’s commonplace, seems hypocritical.
Telling her incarcerated boyfriend that “she knows what she’s doing” and that “he (DSK) has money,” well, surely both statements are true. Does this mean she wasn’t raped? I wasn’t in the room so I don’t know.

And now the Perp Walk. There’s a history, especially in New York, for such dramatic action. Apparently, J. Edgar Hoover began the practice. It’s meant to be a proud moment for the boys in blue, an expression of triumph for catching the bad guy. The police let reporters know when the ‘perp’ (short for perpetrator) is going to be led in or out of a location. Once the reporters are all gathered, the police proudly parade the person through a crowd of flashing cameras. These perp walks haven’t always ended well. One gentleman who was led out of his office in handcuffs and in tears, allegedly for insider trading was eventually let go for lack of evidence, and therefore lack of a case against him. His life was ruined. We all know what happened to Lee Harvey Oswald when he was taken handcuffed from the garage. Jack Ruby shot him.

DSK in handcuffs surrounded by law enforcement, appeared guilty before proven innocent to many, which is the very opposite of our justice system, or so they say. The French, more than the Americans, were appalled at the way DSK was disrespected. The sight of one of Frances, and indeed one of the world’s most powerful men being humiliated in this fashion, was more than the French could bear. Especially since it’s an unproven accusation.

So we have the accused, the accuser, and the police department. In my opinion, three shady sides to a shady case; the perfect example of a bad human tragicomedy. It’s fair to say that DSK isn’t without fault. He fits right into the formula: Male+Power+Female=I can do whatever I want i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger, J.F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, to name a few. Should the case here in the States fall appart, a likely scenario as things stand, DSK’s troubles aren’t over by a long shot. Tristane Banon, another woman, has come forward and accused him of attempted rape. The French prosecutor is investigating.

As for the Guinean woman, the way I see it, she hasn't got a chance. She’s black, poor and a foreigner...who lies. Need I say more? Perhaps she was raped. At this point in time, after being discredited, it makes no difference. Whatever she says from now on will be viewed with suspicion. And then there’s the part about DSK forcing her to give him a blowjob. I’ve been pondering the logistics of such an act, and somehow I feel the woman has the upper hand (no pun intended) in this situation. Clenched teeth would have had him meowing like a cat.

Speaking of cats, if the New York police department needs a pat on the back, recognition for the ‘amazing’ job they do, they should go rescue a cat. They shouldn’t parade someone around like some trophy. And why would anyone gloat in someone else's misfortune? Oh, I forgot, it's the NYPD. After the incident with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the practice called perp walk is in serious jeopardy. (Yeah…right).

All parties involved in this affaire are suspicious.

Where is Shakespeare when you need him? He would have had a field day writing a contrived, over the top drama called Who Rapeth Whom? Thee the Rich, Powerful, White Frenchman, Thee, The Poor, Black, Foreign, Chambermaiden Or Thee, The Fucketh Up, New York Police Department? 

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