Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Recently I heard that a replaced knee only lasts fifteen years. I am in my tenth year with one of my knee replacements (the other is in it's eight year) and can't imagine that it will fail me at some point. I spin three times a week. I've been doing this since before receiving the new parts and have only intensified m y workouts after getting the new parts. Yes, I said parts since I have two knee replacement and two hip replacements. With all my fairly "new" parts, I have taken up road biking as well.

The beauty of having these metal instead of hips and knees, is that osteoarthritis has become an afterthought. I'd like to say that it has completely disappeared but unfortunately I can't. Why? Because, just like a used car, when you fix one thing, another goes haywire. My hips and knees might be fixed, but my ankles, elbows and wrists...well no comment.

Still, I’m thankful to live at a time when replacing bad parts with new ones is feasible. Forget about the hips and knees, I'm on my 4th liver. Yes, I have replaced that too...3 times. End of October it will be two years since the new replacement part (the newest liver and first). Ugh! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

If anyone has been wondering what life is like after replacement parts, well from personal experience I can say pretty damn good.

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